Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations and we believe that God’s church will be made up of people from every nation, tribe and tongue. Therefore, we are proud to have sent out many members to other cities and countries – over the years, we have seen many of our members move to other nations, including France, Spain, Germany, China, Kuwait, South Africa, the USA, Australia and many others. Some have moved on from King’s Hastings to be involved in churches in places closer to home, such as Eastbourne, Winchester, London and Hartlepool.

Throughout our history, we have been a church that plants other churches. For example, we support former King's Church Hastings members such as: Phil & Christina Bacon, who moved to Spain to be part of El Faro, a Newfrontiers church plant in Valencia; Laurence & Christine Stroud, who now live in the south of France and are involved in the Béziers church plant; and Paul & Helen Norcock, who relocated with their three girls to join the church plant in Montpellier, France, along with Barbara Veness.

Closer to home, Matt & Helen Beaney relocated to Putney, London, with their children in April 2011, where Matt now leads The Community Church.

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