24th November 2013

Church is_____ Relentlessly Blessed

There are some strange stories in the Bible, and the one in Numbers 22-24 features a king, a prophet for hire, the people of Israel and a talking donkey! It's certainly a bit odd but, like much of the Bible, by looking at it we see the big picture – heaven's perspective – which can be very different to how things look down on the ground.

One of the 'big picture' things we can learn from this story is that the people of God are relentlessly blessed. God had a plan and a purpose for His people and when we join it here, we're 700 years on from God's promise to Abraham. This promised blessing would come to pass because it was made unconditionally, only dependent on the fact that God keeps His promises.

God's blessing on His people meant that He would make them a great nation, making their name great, saying that if people look out for them, God would bless them also, and ultimately all the Earth would be blessed through them. Even when there was a failure in an individual or even a generation, God's promises stood firm.

Whether you were standing beside Abraham when the promise was given, or if you were a slave to the Egyptians 200 years later, or even next to Balaam as he prophesies – wherever you are in the story, you are part of the relentless blessing God pours out on HIs people. The certainty of this rests not on God's people, but on God and His Word. God said it, therefore He would bring it about.

Within this overarching covenant promise and in the 700 years since God declared it, we read about numerous generations, some of which stepped into all that God had promised, while others stood still or stepped away from it. The promise was available for subsequent generations, but we know that it was possible for them to miss it, because some spent 40 years in the wilderness: they were tempted and they gave into it.

We are now part of a generation inheriting all the promises of God, seeing the Church restored to some measure, and now with a mandate to reach out and make a difference in our communities. When we became Christians, we were born into the relentless blessing of God, but we have a choice about what we do with it. We have a responsibility to keep pushing into the things of God, despite flaws, sin, disappointment and setbacks. The Church is the object of God's relentless blessing, and therefore worthy of your best.

Are you in the relentless blessing of God, making the most of all He's given you?

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Paul Mann

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