19th April 2015

Courage to live a supernatural life

We read in Acts chapter 3 that Peter and John were going about their normal day, just going to the temple as they would have done often, but they were stopped in their tracks by someone who had been crippled from birth begging in the street. What would you have done, in that situation?

Something had happened to Peter and John – they’d been completely transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. They had received boldness and courage from God that wasn’t just equipping them to speak about Jesus, but also to act like Jesus! They not only proclaimed that Jesus was alive, but demonstrated it!

Healing people from physical and emotional ailments is a demonstration that Jesus is who He said He was, is alive today and is full of love. Jesus’ followers – that’s us, too – have been clothed with power from on high. This defines how the people of God are meant to live.

We’re not only to live like Jesus, but to live for Him. Jesus described His mission as good news for the poor, the blind healed, the lame restored (see Luke 4:16-21). We read throughout the gospels that Jesus healed people all the time. When the leper – who no one else would even acknowledge, let alone go near – came to Jesus on his knees, Jesus took pity on him.

Jesus’ heart was moved with compassion when he saw the sick, the ‘unclean’, the oppressed. Is yours? Compassion isn’t just sympathising; it’s entering into someone else’s pain – it’s having a desire to alleviate their pain, too. Jesus came to undo the works of the enemy – sickness, destruction, damage and death. Jesus came to undo it all – and He succeeded!

When we see people healed today, we see flashes of what is to come. We are part of an ever-increasing and ever-advancing Kingdom: we should expect more today than we saw yesterday, until the day when Jesus returns and there is no more sickness, sadness nor death.

Jesus commissioned His followers to continue doing what He did (see Luke 9:1-2, 6). He gave us His authority, so that we can heal in His name. When we’re at work or at home or out with friends, we carry Him with us. What He’s given us is not supposed to be contained, but is supposed to overflow and reach others, so when we see healing happen, we can introduce people to the King who has healed them.

We are representatives of the Kingdom – we are ambassadors of Jesus, His co-labourers. We get the awesome privilege of partnering with Him. We get to lay our hands on people and see Him heal them through us! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still heals and He still saves.

There are some barriers to us seeing Jesus heal today, such as fear (what if God doesn’t show up?!), doubt or unbelief (maybe it doesn’t happen today), cynicism, disappointment – these can make our hearts sick, but God wants us to believe.

We’re called to believe and expect the impossible, and not settle for the probable. We can be at peace in His power; we can use the authority that has been given to us. He wants us to be like humble children who can say: “My Dad can do that!”

Santino Hamberis

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