8th November 2016

Time to wake up

I love that God speaks to us. It's an amazing thing when you think about it: the God who made everything, sustains everything and  controls everything loves to talk to us! It's so amazing that when it happens I'm eager to listen and respond.

A few weeks ago, Sarah Burgess brought a prophetic word for the church in our morning meeting. It was exciting and challenging at the time, and I feel it's even more meaningful for us following all that God has said to us and done among us over the weekend with Angela Kemm.

Sarah has written a brief summary of what she felt God saying. Let's hear it again and ask God to help us resond to it rightly.

'Earlier on in the year, I was standing at the back of church during the worship and the Lord said to me: “Go into the kitchen, grab some pans and wooden spoons, and run around the church banging them, shouting ‘Wake up’”.

I argued with Him saying I loved the church, that they would feel judged, it would be disruptive, and a bunch of other reasons why I shouldn’t do it. I didn’t feel Holy Spirit grab my hand and run so I thought I’d got away with it. During the following weeks everything I read and did began pointing like a big flashing arrow to the words ‘wake up’, and I realised that God had given me something to do; he was just beginning to prepare my heart to do it. I wasn't sure why the pans, but all I knew was that He said that He was going to shift and crack open a spiritual atmosphere in the church and He would tell me when.

For the last few weeks I have been wandering around at church like a bag lady, carrying a big rattling bag of pans and tucking it under my seat waiting for Holy Spirit to say go. Well the Sunday came when Father whispered to me in the morning ‘It’s frying pan day’.

It’s funny how God does it his way. The music was quiet, not noisy as I had thought it would be, and as I checked with Him to make sure, He reminded me that sometimes I used to wake my children up with a gentle stroke of the face, sometimes a wet flannel and in some instances I have even used a saucepan and spoon. He knows his children and He knows what He is doing.

This is a little of what I felt Father wanted to say to the church…

“This is not a judgement call; it’s a wake up call. He loves the church and wants the best for us and just like we set our alarm clock in the morning if there is something important we need to get to that we don’t want to miss, this is our alarm call because there is something about to happen in the church that he doesn’t want us to miss... so wake up.”

So as the music played I did what I needed to do; others joined in with spare pans I had brought with me and Father God did what he wanted to do – waking up his children.'

Andrew Bunt

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