6th January 2017

Three Marriage Course Myths

Even the mention of the Marriage Course can make us nervous and defensive. We might be quick to assume that we don’t need help in our relationship or that we won’t like it. Often people are put off the idea of the Marriage Course because they don’t really know about it. So let’s tackle a few marriage course myths.

Myth 1: The Marriage Course is for struggling marriages.
Lots of people assume that the only reason you’d need to go on the Marriage Course is because you’re struggling in your marriage. But the Marriage Course is about strengthening relationships, and strengthening is not the same as solving.

Things only need solving when there’s a problem, but anything can be strengthened for the better. A building whose walls are crumbling has a problem that needs solving; a building that is strong and sturdy, but which regularly experiences the pressure of harsh weather conditions, doesn’t have a problem, but could always do with strengthening. Every marriage, however strong or strained, can be strengthened by the practical tools given in the Marriage Course.

Myth 2: I’ll have to tell other people about how my marriage is going.
The thought of sitting down in a circle and telling other people how your marriage is going may be your idea of a nightmare! You can picture the looks of shock and horror, or worse, disappointment, on people’s face as you admit what really goes on at home, how infrequently you get a date night, or the cause of your last argument.

But the marriage course isn’t like that. There’s no group discussion. There’s no confession time. You and your partner will have your own table, and you’ll get to work through the material with just the two of you.

Myth 3: It’s impossible for us to come because we haven’t got childcare and we can’t afford to pay for the course.
Finding babysitters can be hard, but if you want to come along to the course, we want to help you to make it happen. If you’d like to come but feel you can’t because you can’t find a babysitter, let us know and we’ll help you to arrange something. If you’ve got teenagers, you can drop them off at youth before coming to the course.

And if the cost of the course is too much for you - £50 to cover the food and materials – we want to help with that too. Just let us know and we’ll make sure you can come along.

Why not come along to the marriage course introduction evening on 13th January, 7.00-9.15pm at The Hastings Centre? They’ll be food and drink, with no cost and no commitment to sign up!

The next marriage course starts on Friday 3rd February and runs for 7 weeks (excluding February 17th, half term week). The course costs £50 per couple to cover food and materials, but let us know if that’s a problem. If you’d like to sign up contact the church office or go to the Connect page.

Ian & Claire Lockwood

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