2nd December 2016

Connecting with God and each other

A few weeks’ back New Ground hosted a conference for 20s and 30s called Connect. A group of about 20 of us from King’s travelled up to Sidcup in South East London for the weekend. It was a great conference, all based around the theme ‘Truth in Love’. We heard brilliant teaching, had wonderful times of worship and enjoyed spending time together over the weekend.

Here’s what one of our group, Hannah Dwyer, thought of the weekend:

“When I first signed up to come to the conference I was going to bring my daughter. I wondered how it would be and was secretly pleased I would have her to hide behind! But God knows me well and worked everything out so that my daughter was able to stay elsewhere. I was quite nervous before I went; I didn't know anyone well, but God kept reassuring me that He had so much in store for me and that I would have a great time. And indeed I did; the Connect Conference has had a huge impact on my life. I know for sure that God loves me, that He has plans for me, and that I am enough just as I am, and I am never alone.”

It’s amazing how God often uses these occasions when we take time out of our diaries to focus on being with Him and His people to speak to us and help us.

We have another great opportunity to meet with our wider New Ground family and enjoy time with God and each other at next year’s Ashburnham event.

We’ll be joining a couple of thousand people, camping at Ashburnham for the weekend, hearing great teaching, enjoying times of worship and just generally having fun together.

Get booked in early to get the best deal. You can book in online here:

Andrew Bunt

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9th October 2014

Widening our field of vision

Last week a group of us from King's – including the three of us on Impact – spent two days in Sidcup praying with around 200 other leaders from our New Ground family of churches. As an Impacter I was interested to find out about how Prayer & Equipping works. Formerly it's been known as Prayer and Fasting, but it's been no secret that everyone sneaks off for a curry in the evening between prayer sessions!

The main aim during these two New Ground prayer days is really just to seek God and pray into what He has promised for us. Each session began with a time of worship, which was deep, passionate and intimate, with a whole-hearted focus on honouring Jesus and putting him at the forefront of everything we would be praying for.

The phrase 'covered in prayer' possibly wouldn't do justice to the amount that we sought God for over the two days. A whole spectrum of subjects were raised, from the New Ground weekend in Ashburnham next August and the 321 guests on Alpha courses in our churches, to the hearts of the generation of 20s and 30s, and the strengthening of marriages in the UK.

For me, one of the stand-out sessions focused on praying for the nations within Europe. Though I haven't felt a strong calling to Europe before, one of the things that God put on my heart as we prayed was the political situation in many European nations, and about the powerful influence of the EU: with this in mind, I found that God had more to say about the power of His Church, and that His vision reaches more widely than ours ever could.

My fellow Impacters Zoe and Tamara agreed that this session was a highlight. Zoe said: "Praying for Europe was really insightful – I felt much more connected to the other nations." Tamara added that she "really enjoyed meeting with friends, and with leaders from other churches in New Ground".

Renowned speakers such as Adrian Holloway, who has spoken regularly at Newday, and Phil Moore, led different sessions. Phil's preach focused on the early 20th century missionary James Fraser, who had a huge calling over his life to reach Lisuland, a remote area of China that hadn't been reached by the gospel. As Phil explained, many lessons could be learnt from Fraser's trepidation, but also about how God works and how He is always faithful. One of Fraser's memorable quotes was: "I feel my weakness very much, yet the Lord seems to delight in making His power perfect in weakness."

The evening's curry and following day's McDonald's were also highlights of an intense two days! But even over food we found ourselves talking about everything that God had done and spoken to us about already. I'm full of faith that these two days have not only helped us to persevere in prayer with big issues, and in a sense to widen our field of vision, but also that God has used this time to equip us for the coming months and years, and to learn to follow Him more passionately.

Sian Francis-Cox

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13th January 2014

Apostles and prophets

Ephesians 4:1-16

There was never meant to be one-man ministry. God knows we work best in team – no one has everything needed to build strong churches full of red-hot disciples. So God appointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to strengthen the Church and equip it to make disciples and reach communities.
Pray for Dave Holden and New Ground churches as they look to support us. 

Our two weeks of prayer run from 5-19 January. Join us tomorrow at 12.30pm and at the men's meeting at 7.30pm to pray. Both at the Hastings Centre.
For other prayer meeting times and dates, visit the calendar.

Paul Mann

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11th December 2013

Paul's video blog: Bulgaria & the Greatest Gift

Paul's latest video blog is about his recent trip to churches in Bulgaria on behalf of New Ground, with Steve Young, and our upcoming Christmas event, The Greatest Gift. Hope to see you here on Sunday!

Natalie Williams

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