Hastings Foodbank

We opened Hastings Foodbank in April 2012 and, together with several other churches in the town, donate food every week that, over the course of each year, feeds thousands of local people facing crisis situations.

There are over 5,500 children living in poverty in Hastings* and for people on low incomes, redundancy, an expected bill or a sudden crisis can mean skipping meals to feed children, pay rent or keep the heating on. Hastings Foodbank provides emergency food and support to local people facing exactly this type of crisis.


  1. Non-perishable food is donated by local churches, schools, businesses, supermarkets and individuals.
  2. Volunteers from different churches across the town sort and pack food into boxes for single people, small families and larger families.
  3. Frontline care professionals such as doctors, housing officers and others give Foodbank vouchers to people in crisis – we currently work with around 50 local agencies who can issue vouchers, including the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, AmicusHorizon, Hastings Borough Council, East Sussex County Council, Xtrax, and many others.
  4. Those with vouchers bring them to Hastings Foodbank, where they can exchange their vouchers for enough food for themselves and their families to last at least three days.
  5. Our volunteers take time to listen and signpost people to other places where they can find support.

If you would like to donate food to Hastings Foodbank, you can find our ‘shopping list’ here.

“I used the foodbank myself a year ago, when I was homeless and had no food. You guys are doing a really important thing!”


At a recent supermarket collection for Hastings Foodbank, we bumped into someone who said: "I used the foodbank myself a year ago, when I was homeless and had no food. You guys are doing a really important thing!"
This person now has a home and a job and has been able to move on with life after facing some very difficult circumstances.
Later that same day, another person donated an entire trolley-load of food, saying it was just a way of giving back after receiving help from the foodbank in the past, too!

Image: Chris Johnson Photography

Hastings Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust’s national network of foodbanks.

*Hastings Borough Council Anti-Poverty Strategy 2011

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