What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are small gatherings of people who meet midweek with the purpose to ‘live connected’, and this purpose helps us fulfil our overall church vision of making disciples, going on mission and caring for the poor. Each King’s Church venue will have Connect Groups and you’re invited to be part of one.

The aims:

Relationship and discipleship are the two aims of Connect Groups. Good, strong friendships are a key part of the Christian faith, and so is helping one another to really follow Jesus. Relationship and discipleship work together so well for our individual and corporate growth in God.

The values: Courage | Joy | Authenticity | Honour | Generosity

The values we build into our small groups of people exist to help relationship and discipleship happen. These values are healthy and good and, though they are sometimes unsaid, our hope is they are always seen.

The hosts:

Our Connect Groups happen because we have an amazing group of people who host them. Each group will have a host or hosts who will help you feel welcome, facilitate the group and help create the values in the group. Food, discussing the Sunday talk, and prayer will often be part of group activity.

Why get involved?

What would it feel like to just ‘be’ in a group of people, and connect with them and with God?

Choosing to be part of a Connect Group means you involve yourself in a core part of King’s Church, a place where you’re involved and included in a group wanting to grow in their relationship with God, in their relationships with others and in their own personal life.

Choosing to live connected in a small group can draw you near to God, encourage you to grow in faith, remind you of Christ’s work in you. You can be part of encouraging others and be committed to living out faith and relationship with others. Take a look at Hebrews 10:19-25 – it is a great encouragement to be part of a Connect Group.

We understand that life is busy, but we think living connected in a small group is so important and helpful to people that precious time is well spent in one of these groups. There is a variety of days and times when groups meet.

We’d encourage everyone to be part of a group. It roots you into community life with King’s Church, which can help church feel like home.

Why not speak to a Connect Group host to find out more? You’ll find information about hosts in your venue.

Being part of a Connect Group

If King’s is your home church, then this is your invite to be part of a Connect Group. We’d love you to join in the adventure of being part of a group where relationship and discipleship happen.

We want to make signing up to a group as simple as possible:

1) Go to the Connect Group area on Sundays;
2) Choose a group from those advertised;
3) Let us know which group you want to join.

If the group you’re interested in is full, we’ll do our best to connect you into another group.

If you want more information then please contact your Venue Leader, who will be happy to help, or email:

@kingshastings on twitter