Through Community Groups, we aim to have a positive impact on the communities around us, serving them in different ways and expressing something of God’s love to the people around us, whatever their background or faith.

There are a variety of Community Groups meeting during the week, some raising money for local charities through making and selling arts and crafts, others providing a safe place for people from other nations to practise their English or for teenagers who are out late at night with nowhere to go.

In Community Groups, members of our church are able to provide services and events that benefit the local area, as well as to find friendship themselves.



Anyone who loves Bexhill is welcome to join this group of families and friends that meets regularly for socials and small groups. Our passion is to build strong relationships in Bexhill and to work out our Christian faith in the community. King’s @ Bexhill is run by Ian and Claire Lockwood. Email


Family-friendly social events, networking and small group meetings are the core activities of this group. We welcome all keen to join this relaxed and friendly group, which is led by Garry and Rochelle Byles. Email to find out more.


Friends International offers friendship to people from overseas who are living in Hastings and the surrounding area. We organise regular social activities and a small group meets at Pestalozzi International Village. For those who want it, we offer informal English language practice and the chance to explore the Christian faith. Friends International is coordinated by Steve and Lori Young. Email to find out more.


Oasis offers activities for those who are over 55. The Oasis team is always pleased to welcome new people from King’s and the wider community. We offer plenty of opportunities to meet with friends, receive support and take part in events together. Oasis is overseen by Paul Schembri. Email to find out more.


Opus68 is a pastoral group with a vision for leading social action projects that impact the community of Hastings and St Leonards, reaching out to the most vulnerable and those most in need in our area. The group is currently involved in Hastings Foodbank, managing the distribution and administration at the Hastings Centre. Opus68 is run by Jeff and Gill Beale. Email to find out more.


Relentless is a group of young men and women who are passionate about Jesus and what it means to follow Him. We meet during the week in life groups, where we look to help, encourage and challenge one another, and sometimes just hang out and relax. Once every six weeks we have a larger meeting where we have opportunities to step out in faith, worship together and have relevant teaching. We generally go as a group to the Sunday evening meeting and hang out afterwards. Find out about more about us here, email or find one of the team on a Sunday — we'd love to meet you.


St Loenards Community Group We are involved in activities in the St Leonards area. Every fortnight we hold free game and craft evenings at West St Leonards Community Centre (7.30-9.30pm), which are open to everyone and aim to build friendships in the community. We also run free drop-in play sessions for 0-11s every fortnight called Play+, which parents attend with their children. Play+ runs every fortnight on Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm at the London Road Children's Centre and includes arts & crafts, games, stories, quizzes and more. St Leonards Community Group is run by Pete and Fiona Webb. Email to find out more.

“Seven years ago, I was in a job I loved, but then I was made redundant. I felt very strongly that God was going to teach me about trusting Him in a new way...”

Simon Thurston

Seven years ago, I was in a job I loved as a senior leader in a local secondary school. Things changed significantly after the school had to make big budget cuts and I was made redundant. I felt very strongly, however, that God was going to teach me about trusting Him in a new way – trusting Him for providing income, work – all of the practical things that I had become comfy with.
I had an offer for work with a two-year contract, but on 50% of my previous salary! I knew this was the right thing to do, though. By God's faithfulness, we still had all we needed as a family throughout this time.
Afterwards, I moved from short-term contract to short-term contract, never knowing what was coming next. I applied for endless jobs, without success, but during the next four and an half years, I was never out of work. I had no interviews, but was offered short contracts again and again in different schools.
God has taught our whole family to trust Him in every aspect of our lives. He has provided for us constantly through seven uncertain years of work, and in September 2013 I was finally able to secure a permanent job!

“After paralysis in his hand for 12 years, a guest reported that he was healed after receiving prayer - so much so that he was able to go through seven rounds of boxing!”


One Sunday morning in 2013, a member of the church said that they felt God wanted to heal someone's hand. A guest came up at the end of the meeting and asked for prayer - his hand had been paralysed for 12 years.
While he was prayed for, he said he felt warmth running from his hand up his arm. A few days later, he told one of the church leaders that his hand is completely healed! In fact, he'd just completed seven rounds of boxing and said his hand was fine!

Image: 'Gloves' by jeffreylcohen

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