Prayer Meeting

Prayer is a vital part of church life at King’s. We believe prayer is powerful and effective, and so we meet regularly together to pray for the church, our community, our nation, other nations and any situations or issues as they arise.

Prayer meetings are usually held on Sunday mornings at 7am in Coffee Box and each month on a mid-week evening towards the end of the month at the Hastings Centre.


We also hold dedicated ‘weeks of prayer’ during the year, where we meet several times to pray for specific issues or on particular themes. These are exciting times where we encounter God and seek His direction for the church. They also provide an opportunity for us to pray for and encourage one another.


We believe that God answers prayer, and we love to share stories of how He provides, heals, rescues, changes and comforts us when we ask. If you have a story about God’s answers to prayer, please let us know!

“After paralysis in his hand for 12 years, a guest reported that he was healed after receiving prayer - so much so that he was able to go through seven rounds of boxing!”


One Sunday morning in 2013, a member of the church said that they felt God wanted to heal someone's hand. A guest came up at the end of the meeting and asked for prayer - his hand had been paralysed for 12 years.
While he was prayed for, he said he felt warmth running from his hand up his arm. A few days later, he told one of the church leaders that his hand is completely healed! In fact, he'd just completed seven rounds of boxing and said his hand was fine!

Image: 'Gloves' by jeffreylcohen

“Seven years ago, I was in a job I loved, but then I was made redundant. I felt very strongly that God was going to teach me about trusting Him in a new way...”

Simon Thurston

Seven years ago, I was in a job I loved as a senior leader in a local secondary school. Things changed significantly after the school had to make big budget cuts and I was made redundant. I felt very strongly, however, that God was going to teach me about trusting Him in a new way – trusting Him for providing income, work – all of the practical things that I had become comfy with.
I had an offer for work with a two-year contract, but on 50% of my previous salary! I knew this was the right thing to do, though. By God's faithfulness, we still had all we needed as a family throughout this time.
Afterwards, I moved from short-term contract to short-term contract, never knowing what was coming next. I applied for endless jobs, without success, but during the next four and an half years, I was never out of work. I had no interviews, but was offered short contracts again and again in different schools.
God has taught our whole family to trust Him in every aspect of our lives. He has provided for us constantly through seven uncertain years of work, and in September 2013 I was finally able to secure a permanent job!

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