People of all backgrounds, generations and phases of life come together at King’s on Sundays for lively worship and provoking sermons.

Our 10am meeting is very family-friendly with a full programme for children, while our 6.30pm meeting is held in Coffee Box and has the same preach as the morning, but a more acoustic feel to the worship.


We are very informal and relaxed; most people who come to King’s on Sundays will be dressed casually and will feel free to sit or stand at various points in the meetings, depending on their preference.

Our worship band usually includes singers, guitarists, a keyboard player and a drummer, and sometimes we also have percussionists, saxophonists and even a cellist.


At 10am we meet in our large auditorium at the Hastings Centre and we start with a time of lively worship.

About 15 minutes into the meeting, our pre-school and primary school children go out to different groups: Totz Klub for 0-4s; NRG for 4-7s; and n:gage for 7-11s.

Information about upcoming events and news is usually given between the worship and the sermon.

The sermon typically lasts about 40 minutes.

Tea, coffee and biscuits (and occasionally doughnuts!) are available at the end of the meeting. If you’re visiting us, please head over to the Welcome Area as we’d love to get to know you and answer any questions you may have.


Our 6pm meeting has a different feel to our Sunday mornings. It takes place in Coffee Box with people sitting on sofas, soft chairs or benches, with snacks on tables and the bar open for tea, coffee and soft drinks from the start. The worship has an acoustic feel.

Information about upcoming events and news is usually given between the worship and the sermon. There’s a 5-minute break so that you can get a drink before the sermon, which usually lasts about 40 minutes.

The meeting ends at about 8pm and then the bar is open for alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as tea, coffee and snacks. If it’s your first time with us, we’d love to buy you a drink from the bar!

“Seven years ago, I was in a job I loved, but then I was made redundant. I felt very strongly that God was going to teach me about trusting Him in a new way...”

Simon Thurston

Seven years ago, I was in a job I loved as a senior leader in a local secondary school. Things changed significantly after the school had to make big budget cuts and I was made redundant. I felt very strongly, however, that God was going to teach me about trusting Him in a new way – trusting Him for providing income, work – all of the practical things that I had become comfy with.
I had an offer for work with a two-year contract, but on 50% of my previous salary! I knew this was the right thing to do, though. By God's faithfulness, we still had all we needed as a family throughout this time.
Afterwards, I moved from short-term contract to short-term contract, never knowing what was coming next. I applied for endless jobs, without success, but during the next four and an half years, I was never out of work. I had no interviews, but was offered short contracts again and again in different schools.
God has taught our whole family to trust Him in every aspect of our lives. He has provided for us constantly through seven uncertain years of work, and in September 2013 I was finally able to secure a permanent job!


We really value prayer and so we meet at 7am on Sundays for an hour to worship God, hear from Him and pray for our Sunday meetings, for church life in general and for our communities.

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